E-Bags Green Bags is a Venezuelan brand that design and manufacture non-woven bags. We are committed to raising public awareness on the issue of plastic bag use in various commercial activities.

In Venezuela, E-Bags is working to educate people and offer the option of reusable bags as an alternative to regular plastic bags to help protect our environment.

The message is: reuse, minimize consumption and change consumer habits. By purchasing E-Bags and taking them with you every time you go shopping helps to avoid per capita consumption of approximately 5000 plastic bags per year.

We have Joint Ventures with different organizations and foundations working to protect ecology and encourage environmental preservation. E-Bags has a mission to help introduce Venezuelan consumers to green alternatives.

E-Bags have different colors, models and sizes. These bags can be used by individuals to go shopping as well as by businesses as promotional items. There are many companies that use the bags to put their own messages while reinforcing the importance of preservation to our society.

We hope that in future the government of Venezuela will start regulating the use of plastic bags. At present the oxo-biodegradable plastic bags that have less impact on environment are increasingly used, however reusable bags are a better, easier and more efficient alternative that will help to preserve our planet.

We invite you to be the part of the solution!

It is possible to arrange a shipment to any port worldwide  (scheduled purchases from 10,000 units)

E-bags, are officially represented by GRUPO PUBLICITARIO SIETE C.A, as the only legal importer and distributor of these products.